Local Students. Raising Funds & Spirit.

Sign up for our Spirit Night Program to raise school spirit and funds. Dish Society provides 20% of the proceeds from the evening’s sales directly to your school or the cause of your choice! It's available for dine-in, pickup and delivery. 

Easy To Promote

We’ll walk you through the process, step by step. We'll also give you a promotional kit and a unique code to help promote your event with students, families and staff.

easy to promote
easy spirit building

Easy To Build Spirit

With a themed night of "breakfast for dinner" or a classroom competition, our Spirit Nights create a sense of togetherness that makes your students part of something bigger.

Easy to Raise Funds

Your students, their families and their friends enjoy Dish's fresh farm-to-table classics, and your school keeps 20% of the proceeds from the evening’s sales.

easy to raise funds
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